Study in Canada

MBA in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
from International Business University, Toronto

Registration Date- 07 December 2023

(An Exclusive OEG-Veranda Pathway for Academic Partners)

Programme Highlights

GMAT Exemption

If your GMAT score is below 560 or you haven't taken the test, consider our MBA readiness programme. Completing it can lead to a conditional offer for the MBA in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at IBU, and an early start on the Visa application.

PGWP Eligibility

Students completing the MBA in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Canada gain the 3-year postgraduation work permit eligibility that allows students to stay in Canada for up to 3 years without any new or additional visa requirement .

Placement Support

Placement coordinators assist learners in finding placement positions, leveraging partnerships with employers, academic institutions, and government entities for job and internship opportunities .

Leadership Interactions

IBU's Center of Sustainable Business connects students with academic and industry leaders, offering interdisciplinary learning in social and environmental sustainability, including environmental science, green finance, and social entrepreneurship.

Student Journey 

Semester 1: Foundations

Master the fundamentals of accounting, analytics, leadership, and marketing strategies to gain the skills needed to apply them to real-world situations with our Financial Management, Analytics, Organisational Behavior, and Marketing modules in the first term. This term of your Master’s Business degree will equip you with the knowledge and tools to manage and lead effectively in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Semester 2: Foundations

The second term delves into Communications, Interpersonal Skills and Negotiation, Strategy, Information, Technology and Digital Transformation, and Macroeconomics. This ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of the latest technological innovations, environmental advancements, and political trends shaping the business world, and how you can leverage them to drive change.

Semester 3: Specialisation

In the third term, you will pick three of the following specialisations: Research Methods, Business Planning, Entrepreneurship, Regulatory Environments, Ethics and CSR. During this term, you will develop the ability to conduct research, analyze data using quantitative and qualitative tools, communicate your findings, and master the fundamentals of successful entrepreneurship

Semester 4: Application

The final semester allows students to integrate and apply their knowledge with a Consulting Study, Business Plan Development, or Major Research Paper. Depending on the area you wish to focus on, you will work with an organisation in the public, private or non-profit sector, develop a start-up business plan, or produce a professionally written research report that applies a research method to collect and analyze data.

Career Pathway

Corporate Management
& Leadership

Aim for executive positions where you can transform the future of various industries through strategic decision-making with a broad corporate perspective combined with a view of disruption and entrepreneurial edge.


Join a scaling company or start your own firm with industry knowledge and practical skills needed to develop an effective business plan, secure funding, and manage operations to create a business model for success.

Technology Management
& Strategy

Drive technological innovation by using your skills to help companies develop and implement technology strategies and optimize technology within your organisation.

Investment Banking
& Private Equity

Shape the future of finance by driving growth and helping organisations raise capital, make strategic acquisitions and structure complex financial transactions.

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Optimize efficiency by improving operations and supply chain management in manufacturing, logistics, and related industries

Real Estate Development & Management

Our MBA programme positions you to leverage your business acumen and knowledge in developing and managing properties and real estate projects

Non-profit Management & Public Administration

Make a tangible impact on social and public issues by applying your knowledge of management and leadership roles in the non-profit and public sectors.

Healthcare Management & Administration

Excel in a management role in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organisations by using your business skills to improve efficiency while bettering patient outcomes.


Bachelor’s degree with a good standing (6 CGPA and above).

IELTS with a 6 overall or any other equivalent English proficiency.

GMAT Score of 560 or above OR Completion of GMAT Exemption Program*.

*(GMAT Exemption Program is an alternate pathway that is available for candidates who have not appeared for or have a lower score in GMAT)


CAD 12000 per year for 2 year Programme

MBA Tuition and Academic Fees

INR 3,60,000

GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Program Fee

Timeline/Important Dates

Apply Online at-

IBU and OEG decision process on Selection* Close by 05 February 2024
Conditional Offer Letter & Commencement of Visa Application* Close by 15 February 2024
Fee Payment for GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Program 25 February 2024
GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Program Commencement (India) 01 March 2024
MBA Academic Session Commencement (Toronto, Canada) 07 May 2024

* If you have a GMAT score of 560 or above, you may be eligible to have your application processed and receive your offer letter by 10 April 2024 and the last date for fee remittance would be 20 April 2024.

Note: Upon successful admission into the MBA program, the Application Fee of Rs.4600 will be adjusted against the GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Program Fee of INR 3,60,000 which needs to be paid within 20 days of receipt of Admission Offer Letter or by 20 February 2024, whichever is earlier.



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About IBU

IBU is a student-focused university offering a diverse range of career-focused undergraduate and graduate programmes that can be completed in an accelerated time frame. Our graduates leave with knowledge, technical and interpersonal skills and valuable problem-solving experience. These qualifications prepare you for roles in various sectors, including business, non-profit organisations, and public service. IBU has received approval from the Minister of Colleges and Universities to offer this programme for a seven-year term, commencing on December 4, 2020.

As dedicated educators and mentors, our esteemed IBU faculty are committed to nurturing and empowering their students. They cultivate a holistic learning environment, fostering diversity of thought, collaboration, and structured growth both inside and outside the classroom. This approach is designed to help students reach their maximum potential.

About OEG

In partnership with Canadian universities, colleges, industry, and government, Ottawa Education Group (OEG) offers ROI-driven training and development solutions to empower the workforce of tomorrow. Education and training are about more than just knowledge transfer and acquisition. They are about enabling individuals and businesses to work - today and in the future. OEG's work-integrated learning initiatives furnish individuals with the skills, knowledge, and experience required to harness their potential effectively.

The Ottawa Education Group is comprised of 3 centres:

  • Canadian Centre for Upskilling: Practical, tactical, applied learning for immediate return on investment.
  • Canadian Centre for Advanced Skills: Experiential, hands-on programming to address the future of work.
  • Canadian Centre for Experiential Degrees: Accelerated, practical, relevant degrees for tomorrow’s talent.

About Veranda HigherEd

Veranda HigherEd, a division of Veranda Learning Solutions, is dedicated to fostering essential skills in emerging professionals. Our focus is on delivering state-of-the-art digital learning experiences across various domains, including Management, Technology, Leadership, and Marketing. We collaborate with prestigious universities and institutions to provide dynamic, outcome-driven programmes that enable candidates to enhance their skills and accelerate their career progression

For our study abroad initiative, Veranda partnered with OEG to develop the customized GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Programme. This programme provides a unique pathway for individuals without the necessary GMAT scores or those who haven't taken the GMAT yet. It opens doors for them to study, work, and experience life in Canada.


IBU does not believe that test scores alone determine a candidate's eligibility. Therefore, you have not written the GMAT or have not received a minimum GMAT score of 560, you can still enrol for the GMAT Exemption and MBA readiness program, hosted by Veranda and OEG in India, that will make you eligible for a conditional offer from IBU for the MBA in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship without a GMAT test. As you commence the GMAT Exemption and MBA readiness program, you can also begin your Visa application process.

The 2 month long GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Program is a full time pathway program offered by OEG and Veranda HigherEd in India. Students will need to successfully complete this program to be considered eligible for GMAT exemption and to be directly admitted into IBU’s MBA programme.

If you are an applicant from India, then you need to appear for an English Proficiency test that must have been taken within 2 years of the start of your term of admission and your test results must be equal to or greater than the minimum required scores listed below. Test accepted by IBU and their required minimum scores are:

Cambridge Assessment English C1: Advanced and/or C2: Proficiency

Required score: minimum 175 overall with no component below 170.

Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)

Required score: minimum 70 overall with no band below 60.

International English Language Testing System Academic (IELTS) (not general test)

Required score: minimum 6 overall with no band below 6.

Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Required score: Overall 60 for the explanation of Pearson Test of English (PTE).

Test of English as a Foreign Language, internet based (TOEFL iBT) (not Super Score Test and not Home iBT test)

Required score: minimum 83 overall with no individual scaled score (writing, speaking, reading, listening) below 20.

Canadian Language Benchmarks score

Required Score: minimum score of 7

Post-secondary level English for Academic Purposes program accredited by Languages Canada

Required Level: minimum equivalent of B Standing

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Required Score: Level C1 or higher

Michigan English Language Reading Battery (MELAB)

Required Score: Minimum 76

Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees (CanTEST)

Required Score 4.5 in Reading and Listening and 4.0 in Writing


Required Score: Minimum score of 105


The Tuition and Academic Fees is CAD 12000 per year for the 2 year MBA i.e. a total of CAD 24000. However, an additional fee of CAD 5000 is payable if you choose to enrol for the GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Pathway. Please note that travel, visa and living expenses are not included in the above fee and will need to borne by the student.

Post the candidate selection process, once you receive the Conditional Offer Letter from IBU and/or start your GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Program, you may initiate your Canadian visa application process from India.

IBU is a University and does not provide any Visa Application assistance. However as Pathway Partners OEG and Veranda HigherEd will connect you agencies that will provide you with able assistance on visa application process as well as guide you on various aspects of living and working in Canada.

At the time of submitting the online Application form, you will be required to pay an Application Fee of CAD 75 (approx. INR 4550). If you are selected and successfully enrol for the program, the Application Fee of CAD 75 will get adjusted against the GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Fee of CAD 5000. If you choose not to go ahead with your application after successful submission, you will forfeit the Application Fee amount. If you choose to drop out after being selected into the program, you will not be eligible for any refund of any amount paid towards GMAT Exemption and MBA Readiness Fee or the MBA Tuition and Academic fee. In the event that your Visa gets rejected, then any amount paid towards MBA Tuition and Academic fee could be adjusted against an Online MBA or an alternate upskilling/employment programme that you may choose to continue to pursue from IBU or OEG.